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Is there a banner creator tool available for members? I want to upload one but don't have one.

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Posted: 17 Oct, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 26 Oct, 2007
by: Admin A.

A banner creator tool was added for Gold appraiser members. To use this feature, log into your account, click on "Continue" to continue to your account page and click on "Create banner online". The banner creator tool has a preview pane at the top of the page where every changes you make are immediately posted in the preview pane. Once you are satisfied with the banner, click on "Save" and your new banner will be uploaded for your listing. Banners are located on top of every page, except for the home page of the site. They rotate randomly on the pages of the site and on the pages of the areas you service.

We noticed that 30% of our Gold appraiser members have not uploaded a banner to their account and are missing a great marketing tool to attract visitors to their listing; either because they did not have the expertise to create a banner or they did not want to pay someone to create a banner for their business. This tool makes it easy for any novice to create a banner and it is free for our Gold appraiser members.

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